The K-Cup Craze

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coffee-66850_640We’ve all see them. Those little coffee pods otherwise known as K-cups. In hotel rooms, in the break room at work, at your friends cute apartment, you just can’t get away from those single-serve coffee pods, can you?

According to, “sales of coffee made in single-serve brewing systems account for more than a quarter of every dollar Americans spend on coffee to drink at home.”

What spurred the Keurig revolution? Well, convenience. It’s no surprise that this trendy kitchen gadget caught on so fast. We are constantly looking for  new ways to make our days more efficient and productive, so what better way to start out a busy day than with a steaming cup of coffee that was made in under a minute?

As an avid coffee drinker, this sounds like a dream. I would love to crawl out of bed, drop a capsule of french roast into the Keurig and  have a cup of goodness 30 seconds later. So why don’t I invest in one of these bad boys? There simply is not enough room in this college-girl’s budget for a coffee maker right now, especially since my Mr.Coffee works just fine. Also, I’m not the only one who drinks coffee in my house, so it makes sense to brew a big pot every morning to share. For me, that’s just as convenient. However, Keurigs make perfect sense for anyone who just wants to brew one cup per day, or for someone trying to ween themselves off a daily three-dollar Starbucks run. By all means, it’s better to spend 65 cents per day on a K-cup than it is to spend three to four dollars on your beloved Starbucks.

What are the environmental impacts of the K-cup? As you may have guessed, the coffee pods are darn near impossible to recycle. I’m not an environmental activist by any means, but I like to be somewhat aware of my carbon footprint, and K-cups are just one more thing that humans have created to throw into a landfill. Okay, rant over. I would be lying if I said that I will never buy a Keurig. It is quite possible that I’ll buy one within the next year  (because I’ll be moving out, and, most likely living alone.)

Even Starbucks has jumped on board. Claiming about 15 percent of the K-cup market, Chief Operating Officer Troy Alstead said the segment “will be an important driver of our long-term growth.”

What’s next for the K-cup? Even brands like Campbell’s soup and Coca-Cola are taking advantage of the single-serve brewing rage. That’s right, you will soon be able to have your favorite soup or sugary soda freshly pressed in under a minute. It seems like there is nothing this spendy machine can’t do!

Do you think the Keurig will become the next kitchen staple? Or is this just another gadget that will go out of style? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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